Dreamwash and Dream Cream – My Favorite Combination

About a year ago my friend suggested we have a girl’s night in the city.  We’d go to dinner and then go to Lush Cosmetics.  I had never been to a Lush store, but I never turn down a girl’s night so off we went.  When we got to Lush I explained to the woman at the store that I had a skin condition and asked if she had any suggestions on what would be the best products to use.  She quickly suggested Dreamwash for a body wash and Dream Cream for a body cream.  Not ready to invest a lot of money before trying the products, I took samples home.

I put the cream on before I went to bed that night and all I could say is wow! This was the only body cream I could put on my bad skin.  Not only did it not burn, it actually soothed the itching.  The only other creams that has done that were zinc-based baby ointments.  The Dreamwash was just as great in the shower.  I now had a body wash I didn’t have to worry about getting on my bad skin and stinging.   I also found they are both fantastic for sunburn.   If anyone else has used them let me know what you think!

Why I started this blog

This is a picture of me.  Pretty cute, right?

This is also a picture of me.  Still pretty cute, but something’s different.

I was born with a skin condition called epidermal nevus.  It causes parts of my skin to grow faster than the rest.  The result is red, itchy patches on my face, hand, shoulder, scalp and side.

I was teased all through school, told I had “Cate Germs.”  As I got older not only did I become skilled in the art of the witty comeback,  I became an expert at applying make-up.  Today unless someone notices my hand, they can’t tell there is anything wrong with me.

My biggest challenge has been finding make-up that covers my skin without looking like I baked a cake on my face.  I also have a hard time finding cleansers and moisturizers that don’t irritate or burn my skin.

I started this blog to share what make-up and products have worked for me over the years. I also want to let anyone with a similar condition know that you are beautiful with or without make-up.