My Thrifitng Adventures

My love of thrift shops came about three years ago. I was in the process of losing a lot of weight and found myself with a lot of clothes that no longer fit and a need for a new wardrobe, Thrift stores became the answer to my prayers! I donated what no longer fit and picked up great pieces for a quarter of what it would have cost in a store. Not only were the clothes extremely budget friendly, I was also able to find some really funky stuff. Just be prepared to spend sometime browsing.

Here are two of my recent finds at Impact thrift store in Feasterville, PA. This dress was $7.99 and a major hit at work. The necklace is also from Impact and with matching earnings cost $15.00


I don’t know where else I would have found $3.00 comic print heels! I was so happy they were in my size!


What I love about thrifting is it’s a two way street. That shirt that’s been sitting in the back of your closet for the past two years is someone’s treasure.